New Advisory Group for Steadefi v2 Secure Reboot

Introduction of the new advisors for Steadefi v2 Secure Reboot with a focus on vaults for GMX v2 and Swell’s swETH, along with the all-important security upgrades
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New Advisors for Steadefi v2 Secure Reboot

GM, Steadefi Community 👋
We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed agreements with a group of exceptional advisors who will play a pivotal role in the future of Steadefi.
The addition of these experienced DeFi veterans to our team marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a successful and secure relaunch.
🙌 Introducing Our New Advisors:
  1. Daniel Dizon, Founder and CEO, Swell Network
  1. Abishek Kannan, Head of Research, Swell Network
  1. Ethan Johnson, Ex-Chief Information Security Officer, Galaxy Digital
  1. Ömer Demirel, Partner at AVentures DAO
  1. Rasheed Saleuddin, Partner at AVentures DAO
Each of these advisors brings a unique set of skills and expertise that will improve our protocol's growth, security, governance, and performance.
🌐 Their Expertise in Action
  • Strategy for Growth: Our advisors will provide invaluable strategic guidance, helping us to optimize our new suite of products, grow our TVL, and make informed decisions for the benefit of our users.
  • Connections and Introductions: Our advisors will also further our efforts to connect with reputable partners and liquidity providers for our current and future vaults.
  • Expert Security Guidance and Advisory: Most importantly, our advisors can help us ensure that Steadefi v2 is as comprehensively secure as possible on both the internal and smart contract levels.
🎉 What's Next?
We are gaining momentum toward relaunch, now expected for late October.
Thanks in part to our new advisory team, Steadefi v2 will feature:
  • Overhauled security systems with full documentation.
  • New vaults built on GMX v2 and Swell’s swETH liquidity.
  • Vital partnerships and initiatives that will expand our ecosystem.
  • Optimized growth via comprehensive data analytics.
Thank you again to our new advisors and also a big thank you to our community for the ongoing support as we move to a secure v2.
Please stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we work together to make Steadefi the multichain yield hub we had envisioned from the start.
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