Steadefi esSDY Airdrop Campaign

Details about Steadefi’s esSDY Airdrop Campaign: how to participate, period of campaign, how to earn points and more.
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Jeff Lam
30th June 2024: esSDY Airdrop campaign has been extended to 31st July 2024 00:00 UTC0. This will be the FINAL extension as we finalise the dates for our TGE, targeting late July. The airdrop allocation increase will be shared once we confirm the numbers.
31st May 2024: esSDY Airdrop campaign has been extended to 30th June 2024 00:00 UTC0. We will be looking to increase the airdrop allocation to make up for the extension and will share details once available. We seek your understanding as we work towards a TGE for SDY!
16th April 2024: esSDY Airdrop campaign has been extended to 1st June 2024 00:00 UTC0 !
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With Steadefi v2 relaunched and growing (as of this writing, we are so close to $1m TVL!), we are once again looking to attract more awareness, lending liquidity and strategy vault deposits with our own version of an Airdrop Campaign!

More Ways to Earn esSDY, Automatically

Instead of simply depositing liquidity and staking your vault tokens, we have now implemented a process of capturing everyone’s liquidity + partaking in various actions automatically, giving points for the various actions taken over time.
Some activities include following Steadefi’s profile, retweeting our top post as well as being engaged in our Discord. We even have a quiz to check your understanding of Steadefi! These activities are done via our Galxe campaign.
Other activities include tracking how many vaults you have deposited into Steadefi, as well as how much deposits and how long you have deposited them for into our vaults. The more vaults, the higher the deposit value and the longer you keep your deposits will result in even more points as we give bonus multipliers to reward more committed depositors.
At the end of the campaign, everyone’s points across Galxe and on Steadefi’s Airdrop page will be tallied up and based on that, you will be able to claim your share of esSDY. Note that all activities are tracked to a wallet address.

Campaign Details

  • Start Time: 21st Feb 2024 UTC+00:00
  • End Time: 17th Apr 2024 UTC+00:00 Extended to 1st June 2024 UTC+00:00
  • Claim Date: Sometime early June 2024
  • Total esSDY Claimable: 10,000,000.00 esSDY (5% of total supply)
Please note that the above details are subjected to changes

How to Participate

Getting involved in the esSDY Airdrop Campaign is straightforward:
  1. Visit our Galxe Campaign Page: Head to to familiarize yourself with the social media, Discord and knowledge activities and how points are awarded.
  1. Visit the Airdrop Campaign Page: Head to to familiarize yourself with the various liquidity and referral activities and how points are awarded.
  1. Engage in Activities: From liquidity provision to social media engagement, choose the activities that best suit your interests and capabilities and complete them.
  1. Track Your Points: Keep an eye on your progress through your Steadefi account at as well as your Galxe profile to see how many points you've accumulated.
  1. Claim Your esSDY: Once the campaign concludes, your share of esSDY will be calculated and claimable according to the points you've earned (sometime around the week of 22nd April 2024)

Final Note

To both past and present supporters of Steadefi — we are extremely thankful for you. Please know that we will continue to do our best to grow Steadefi by building useful products and growing them in order to capture more value for Steadefi and it’s future token.
In the meantime, do join and participate with our community over at
and follow us on for the latest and greatest announcements (plus future things we are doing!)
Jeff from Steadefi
PS: we will be building a whitelist too 🙂
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