Steadefi Early Bird & Tester Airdrop Claim

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Kevin Miller
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$esSTEADY Airdrop Claims are live now!
This claim is exclusive for our OG Alpha Testers and Discord Early Birdies:
Some reminders:
→ $esSTEADY is non-transferrable.
→ Estimated APR was 100%.
→ Random snapshots.
→ Small deposit amounts were not included
For more information on $esSTEADY, please check the docs here: And as always, OG Alpha / Beta testers, don’t forget to withdraw from the old vaults:
Any questions? Hop in our discord and ask away!
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Steadefi liquidity bootstrap launch. Enjoy bonus APRs in $esSTEADY for a limited time (90 days).
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Announcement for Steadefi’s participation in the Chainlink Build Program
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Featured Strategy Vault
The 3x Long GLP Vault
Description of Steadefi’s GLP 3x Long Vault integrated with on the Avalanche and Arbitrum blockchains.
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