Steadefi Liquidity Bootstrap Launch

Steadefi liquidity bootstrap launch. Enjoy bonus APRs in $esSTEADY for a limited time (90 days).
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Kevin Miller
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With the completion of the Farm and Steady token audit, Steadefi’s lending and strategy vaults are now officially launched to the general public!
Visit our vaults page to check out the current selection of both risk-off lending vaults and risk-on strategy vaults.

90-day Liquidity Bootstrap Event

Start Time: May 3rd
End Time: August 1st
In efforts to maximize the capacity for all of our strategies, we are offering a 90-day vault liquidity bootstrap program.
Deposit funds in our risk-off isolated lending vaults or risk-on strategy vaults to earn $esSteady before our official token launch early Q3 2023.
Check out the current bonus APRs on the Farms page today!

Final Note

It’s been a long journey for our team and growing community, and we’d like to thank all of our testers and backers for their help along the way!
Learn more about Steadefi in our discord:
And follow us on Twitter for more vault announcements coming soon (prep your ETH 👀):
PS, we’ve just started whitelisting for our official token launch - you’re still early! 😉
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