Steadefi’s 6 Reasons for Building on Avalanche

6 reasons for Avax: 1) Builders, 2) Yield Opportunities, 3) Need for our Strategy Vaults, 4) Expansive Support Network, 5) Vibrant Communities, 6) Institutional Interest/Onboarding
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Reason #1: Avalanche has strong builders

Core Protocols
Benqi - permissionless lending and borrowing + liquid staking and analytics.
Trader Joe - largest DEX with consistent innovation (hello liquidity books!)
Platypus - stablecoin swap with novel mechanisms that eliminate impermanent loss and significantly reduce slippage.
GMX - a decentralized perp exchange featuring a coveted GLP token that acts as a yield-bearing “basket of assets”.

Reason #2: Avalanche has fertile fields for yields

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In addition to Trader Joe (yield farming), Benqi (liquid staking), and GMX (leveraged yield), Steadefi also plans to integrate with multiple other key members of the Avalanche yield family: Pangolin and Vector for yield farming, Yield Yak for liquid staking, Ribbon and Volare for our unique volatility yield strategy.

Reason #3: Avalanche has a place for Steadefi

Though there may be one or two potential “competitors”, we see great opportunity in the Avax ecosystem, not only for our innovative market-neutral vaults, but also for the suite of products we plan to build in the near-to-distant future.
Just like with Yield Aggregators and Dexes back in the beginning boom of DeFi yielding, we envision a mutually beneficial relationship between us and our underlying protocols.

Reason #4: Avalanche has a support system

First and foremost, we’d like to thank our generous AVAX-based supporters, AvaLabs and AvaLaunch.
Small projects have big ideas in DeFi, and without help from the big projects, those ideas would probably never see a single transaction.
Additionally, from the very first line of code until today, our team has found nothing but support and encouragement from all of the Avalanche builders, influencers, and veteran community leaders.
DeFi may be global and permissionless, but it doesn’t need to be isolated. Avalanche welcomes sincere builders and contributors.

Reason #5: Avalanche has a committed and sophisticated userbase

Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, Youtube, Meetup (?!), and most importantly Discord — Avalanche’s users are on every major platform with valuable contributors in every one of these spaces. Just as the AVAX builders work together, so do the users, by actively gm’ing, discussing, and participating in every protocol they find.

Reason #6: Avalanche appeals to institutions

Avalanche detailed it nicely in this post here: speed and security, scaling and customizability, and low barriers of entry = institutions looking particularly to Avalanche subnets for more investing and more building. More TVL, more integration, more users, more innovation—Winter is Coming! (the good kind, not the white walker kind)
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